Luve Songs

Oil Paintings from my collection “Luve Songs”,

Justin Sonny Eagles

"So hard to let go, for I am Jealous to lose you"

“So Hard to let go, for I am Jealous to lose you”



“I became an hour glass, diminishing with the sand, at the doorway where you left”



“All that exists is the mist that was once ours”



” We are only puppets to a romance faro”



“The allurement takes hold of my senses”



“Your Surroundings darkened, & all that endured,…You”



“The flame alive with you, the smoke carrying confusion without you”



“Blindfolded by the threads of amor”







“The excitement and Risk, the enchantment and danger, the game of love”



“These feelings, a blanket wrapping my cold body in warmth”



“Do I ever walk through your thoughts”



“I am an oak tree, Doves fly from my stomach”



“Yearning the endearment, the rapture”



“Why is it I love you for breaking my heart”



“The complicated entanglement of passion”



“Snowflakes are the stars falling from the night sky, melting upon the ghosts of us”



“We pulled the masks from eachother’s faces”



“Stuck in the Quicksand of our cherished moment”



“Drunk with emotions for you”



“Reflections of yesterday’s smile”



“Two cups of coffee to quench our thirst for our affinity”



“You were but a thief, stealing my heart”



“Lust Love”



experimental oil techniques

Justin Sonny Eagles


~ by jsesautte on March 11, 2012.

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