Arte’ Jondo

Oil paintings from my collection ” Arte’ Jondo, Cante’ Jondo” ( deep art, deep song)

Justin Sonny Eagles

                         “Pagliacci’s Struggle”

                          “Worried (the bills)”

                         “Dismissal of Deep Rooted Anger”

                         “Working Man”


                         “Old Wise Guy”

                         “You can’t see them, his scars are internal”

                         “Execution of Federico Garcia Lorca”

                         “The Artist”

                         “Devil Dancer”

                         “Lost Son”

                         “Thinking of Her”


                        “Chilaxable (Great Grandpa)”

                         ” Count Jaeger”

                         “Red Ribbon ( over thirty million) ”  donated to the Colorado Aids Project

                         “Mother of Misery”

                         “Toughest Bastard of Brooklyn”

                         “Twins of September”

                         “Dealing with the Demon of Addiction”

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~ by jsesautte on March 18, 2012.

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