Working Class Motto

I quickly grabbed my pen and notebook, and began writing,

“Play like never before, lose as always.” A quote I read describing the hard luck of fighter Juan Manuel Marquez, and his lost to Manny Pacquiao by close decision.

I love boxing.  As much as I love it for the dynamics of punching and combinations, the athletics and skill, and the strategy and mental preparation, there is one thing that all the greatest champions must have, and that is Heart.  The heart to keep fighting.  Even through wars of brutality, through blood pouring into the eye, knockdowns and deep holes dug by falling behind on points, it is the heart of a champion, the heart of a fighter, that keeps them pushing on.  In boxing, as in all athletics, art, music and life in general, there are often times where the individual’s drive, determination and hunger can be alomst felt.  As if every pain and desperation of one’s past comes pouring out of them, in a moment of pure humanity, meeting the superhuman within.


My Pops grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan.  To the loyal of this baseball team, they were more than just a sports club, they represented the people.  Their saying was “wait til’ next year”.  They were nicknamed the Brooklyn Bums, and their mascot was a hobo clown.  They weren’t ever expected to win, but they were always expected to give their all.  To Brooklynites the team was their story.  Never give up, but never expect a happy ending.


I was born and raised to be a ” Working Class Stiff”.  I am a product of food stamps and state help.  My mother grew up dirt poor and my father came from  no running water and no electricity.  I have grown up around people who’s faces display sorrow, pain,and hopelessness.  People who’s eyes read “just too tired,…..simply too tired”.  Too many childhood memories are of my mother in tears, scared, worrying how to make the bills that month.  These are the everyday people I know, people I am.  Perhaps the luck of the cards didn’t always fall in their favor, maybe they made some bad decisions in life, or maybe the only thing that held them back was fear.  Maybe it’s not that they were failures, maybe it’s that deep down they were too scared of defeat.  Maybe we’re all a little scared of defeat.


” Like everyone else, you want to learn the way to win.  But never to learn the way to lose.  To accept defeat-to learn to die- is to be liberated from it.  Once you accept, you are free to flow and to harmonize.  Fluidity is the way to an empty mind.  You must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying.”  -Bruce Lee



It hurts to fail, to lose.  In society it’s as if you are outcasted for not being a winner.  But to me, I’ve learned it’s not always the victor who is greater, but rather the one who has always shown “balls”, “guts.”  The one who gave every last ounce of heart, blood and sweat into whatever they’re working for, gave nothing more, nothing less than pure risk and heart.


As a painter I am dedicated to working my ass off everyday on my art.  As hard as I may work, I am not expecting success.  For one thing, as I said, I’m from those who don’t win very often, who never seem to catch a break.  And for another I don’t believe anyone should expect to succeed, this way if good things happen, you’ll be surprised,  rather than feeling disappointed.  All I know is I will give everything into my art, take risks, and not fear failure.  Who knows maybe I’ll be surprised one day, probably not.


For now I like being a “Loser”, for a Loser has nothing to Lose.


So no matter what you are striving for in life,  I leave you with this quote once more, a quote I’m now gonna call the working class motto,…

“Play like never before, Lose as Always!”


~ by jsesautte on April 8, 2012.

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