Artists you should know – Federico Fellini

A little while back I posted “30 Artists you should know”, and I forgot one of my favorite film makers, Italian director Federico Fellini.

Fellini’s films are almost all brilliant.  Visually stunning, almost surrealistic, and full of characters that make you feel the story is taking place inside of a mad house, his work seems to effortlessly melt drama with a dose of comical satire.  Known for a wide range of films, including ” La Strada”, “La Dolce Vita”, “Satyricon”, and my favorite version of “Casanova”, and of course what many (including myself) consider one of the greatest films of all, “81/2” (today  known for being adapted into a musical called “9”, and then the film “9”, with Daniel Day Lewis, based on the musical, based on the film, what the hell? Just stick to the original.)

Any ways, a filmmaker everyone should know,  Federico Fellini,  and here is the original trailer for “81/2”



~ by jsesautte on April 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Artists you should know – Federico Fellini”

  1. those films of him I saw are amazing!!!

  2. Yeah, he was uniquely brilliant

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