Ode’ to Rain in the Face

Here is an ode’ to “Rain in the Face”.  While many talk about Lakota warriors like  Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, they never mention one of the bravest of brave men, Rain in the Face.  He wasn’t as clever, spiritual or moral as other great chiefs, but he was feared by all his enemies and fellow warriors.  He is one of few natives who gave a recorded account of the “Battle of the Little Big Horn”, and story tells, he cut the heart from the chest of General Custer’s brother Tom, took a bite and spit it into his face, as vengence for years earlier when Tom Custer imprisoned him.  I grew up admiring these fearless warriors, and Rain in the Face was one of my heros.


“Hoka Heh” Rain in the Face




~ by jsesautte on April 21, 2012.

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