Grab your Helmut

I believe that the greatest art is the kind that makes you ask, (excuse my French)


What the Fuck is going on Here?


Which is why I greatly admire photographer Helmut Newton.  I’ve mentioned him before, but feel he should be mentioned again.  Newton was born and raised most of his childhood in Germany, but being he was Jewish, he and his family fled to Australia, when things got a little “heated”  in his homeland.  He later moved to London, Paris, Monte Carlo, and L.A., before he finally returned to Berlin, only problem, he was dead.  Oh well, at least he was buried next to the lovely Marlene Dietrich, who he photographed earlier in his life.  His work is both mysterious and sexy, often making the viewer scramble through thoughts like,

” is this some rich guy checking out a sex slave?” or

” Whoops, wrong room, didn’t mean to walk in on some murder, or overdosed party girl, or whatever the hell’s going on here, just pay me no mind and get back to what your’e doing”.

He is also known for his portraits of celebrities, but who gives a rats ass about seeing them famous bastards again, let’s stick to the weird stuff,

So here is some of his work for you to enjoy,





































~ by jsesautte on April 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Grab your Helmut”

  1. I´m also a fan of weeeeird stuff. Love his work!-nice post!!!!

  2. Thanks, appreciate it.

  3. Love this! Looks like a fashion spread in Vogue…

  4. Thanks, he did shoots for vogue

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