Cotto-Mayweather FEVER!

I’ve talked about how excited I am over the fight between Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather before.  But now it’s only two days away.  I just wanted to go over a few strengths and weakness’ of both fighters, but first lets mention the two trainers, who I love as well.


First off there’s Miguel Cotto’s trainer Pedro Diaz.  I wasn’t sure about this guy when Cotto had him join the team.  He was a good coach for the Cuban boxing team, before defecting to Canada.  Cuba is known to produce skillful, crafty, and often sneaky boxers, but not as many champions, or at that, not as many big victors in the professional spotlight.  But as I’ve learned a little more about Mr. Diaz, I’ve come to really like him.  He’s a Doctor, and former professor and is trying new techniques and new science to advance his training of his fighters.  I admire people who try new approaches to any thing, and try to take whats available in today’s technology to make a result of an old process even better.  Now if his new methods work, is yet to be known.


Then theres the always colorful character of Floyd’s Uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather.  I love to watch this guy, whether it’s on HBO’s 24/7 or in the ring between rounds, where they should have a translator for him.  Seriously, the only word I clearly understand coming out of his mouth is “muthafucka”.  Example,  he climbs into the ring and says to his nephew, “You just keep doing what you doing, that muthafucka aint got shit,  listen *%&&%$*  *%*^&*$&^, ^^&$***,  that muthafucka aint shit, I tellin ya.”     I love this guy.

Now to the two in the ring.  I recently read someone express their opinion that Cotto should loose a little more weight, come in a little lighter, so he can be a little faster.  Here’s the thing, no matter how much lighter he is, Cotto can not compete with Mayweather’s speed.  His advantage is that he is naturally built bigger and is more comfortable at junior middle weight.  Other than the “legal sucka punch”, Mayweather didn’t seem to phase Victor Ortiz much with his punches (not to say he wasn’t dominating the fight).  In the past when opponents of Cotto didn’t have much power to impress him, he bulldosed through them, willing to take their punches in exchange fo good work to the body, but then again, will Cotto throw to the body this time?

Cotto needs to be aggressive, but not overly aggressive (he doesn’t want to get caught).  He needs to rough up Mayweather and make it a little of a dirty fight.  Speed fighters (which is what Mayweather is) fight off of rhythm, just watch he and his Uncle train on the mitts, if you break their rhythm, they can’t set a pace and it becomes difficult for them to “flow” in the fight.  Also, Mayweather has one mistake. He repeats a particular move in every one of his fights.  When a opponent throws a jab or a straight, he shoulder rolls to slip the punch, and counters immediately with a straight right of his own.  An opponent could try to faint him and counter his straight, catching him as he moves forward into the punch.  Then again it’s Mayweather, and he’s extremely fast.

As for Mayweather, he needs to just focus of straight rights and uppercuts.  Cotto tends to leave himself wide open for those punches.  And really Mayweather just needs to be, well, ..”Mayweather”.  Frustrate Cotto with his brilliant defense, counter him with his speed, and look good for the judges, with his crisp, sharp punching.

In the end I hope for a great fight.  Yes I will spend the money to watch it on pay per view, mostly because I love boxing, and I love to watch Mayweather and his genius boxing abilities, and personally I don’t care if Cotto wins or loses, as long as he fights his heart out and does “BORICUA” proud.  “For my Gramps, CAGUAS BABY!”   All I can state is I’m excited, as excited as a teenage boy about to pop his cherry to an older woman.  Well maybe not that excited, if so I might have to go check my pants.


~ by jsesautte on May 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Cotto-Mayweather FEVER!”

  1. Good stuff! Really curious as to what Pedro Diaz’s gameplan is for Mayweather.

  2. thanks, I wonder his plan too.

  3. I never understood boxing match, though it’s interesting to watch. but I think, the next time I watch one, I’ll understand more! :-) thanks!

  4. your’e welcome, no problem

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