ART Statement

Here is my last “artist’s Statement”, I wrote a few months back.  For the record I don’t agree with artist’s statements, nor artist c/v’s, or for that matter any of that garbage.  To me, it should be simply about the art, but I’m a gutter rat, what do I know?


Justin Sonny Eagles



She’s still sleeping as I awake.  I take a look around the chic, trendy hotel room.  First time I’d ever stayed in such a place.  Beer cans are scattered across the night stand, cigarette butts piled high into an ant hill.  If you looked closely, you could see American troops storming up under the fire of the NVA occupying the top.  Next to that, a collection of multi colored lighters mixed along each other, forming a modern art piece.  The smell of fire filled the sky outside.


I glanced across the room at the bamboo plant centered on a table.  He started dancing.  Swaying side to side, getting down, like a samba of sort.  I tried to dance with him but found myself unable to move, as acupuncture needles were stabbing my knee caps and toes.  Someone was sticking me with the chinese love spikes.   I thought to myself,…


“Holy Crap, is this the life you want to live pana’?” Like a bolt of lighting striking a camper in the ass, memories began driving through my head.  I just had this discussion the night before.  It was the opening reception of my art exhibit “Arte’ Jondo-Cante’ Jondo”.  The atmosphere was che’vere.  An old brick walled, wooden floored corner of town, now home to a friend’s studio.  The conversation, a trade of ideas on a life few could understand, and even less would live.  The upside down life.  Living without a guaranteed weekly or monthly income.  A world of waking up to new and unpredictable situations.  There was no room for marriage or little rascals, no way to plant one’s self into the white picket fence suburbia American dream.  All of the normal forgotten in this way we chose to live.  “The Artist Life”.


“Is this really the life I want to live?  Why Yes!  In fact I wouldn’t dream of it better.”  This though, was not the question that stemmed itself into my brain.  Nor was it any of the other usual questions the attendants of the show asked.  There was one however, one that although I believed I knew the answer to, I never really thought it over, until now.

“What inspires me to paint?”  I suppose I could just give you the typical vegetarian, meditating, turtle neck wearing artist BS sales pitch of an answer.  Something to do with representing the social impact of a doughnut or something like that.  I could even rotate into the serious, intense, suffering artist act, but I graduated from Stud State University where straight forward is our motto.


Truth is I can’t fully explain what inspires me to pick up a brush and swim away into a state of freedom.  Maybe it’s women and money.  After all why does a teenager pick up a guitar for the first time, in hopes of being a rock star.  Women do love artists.  Maybe it’s an energy inside of me that seems to grow and grow, until reaching a point of explosion.  A creative energy to which I need to release.  Perhaps I was just born seeing the world differently, and just want to give you a taste of my world.


What I can state is that for an unknown reason talent was given to a bum such as I.  So at the very least I work hard to take this talent and continue to grow and learn, to accomplish some good in the world, and to remain innovative while never loosing the finesse of the classical.  I’ll say it again and again, I want to be the greatest painter who ever lived.  Whether that’s achievable or not does not really matter.  It’s what drives me to hard work and dedication.  The only thing I say with certainty, is I never had a choice, this is just what I do.


Art is like the world, like life.  Everyone wants to know what is the meaning, the message, the purpose.  But maybe we should stop asking questions, stop complicating whats simple, and just appreciate the beauty that is before us.  Perhaps it’s like an ancient proverb, in that it’s not what it means, it’s what it means to you.


~ by jsesautte on May 20, 2012.

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