Art is BULL

” I trust you” my friend says to me.

” Well then you’re making a mistake, I’m a painter,-Never Trust a Painter- we’re all Liars, that’s our Job in Life.”

Art is Bullshit.  That’s right I said it, and I’m an artist.  Today art is about the “Art of the Sale” more than about the Art.  I know some of you just got your panties in a bunch, and are right now yelling at your computer screen, ” you don’t know shit about art!” -to me.  But let’s be realistic here, some of the garbage that’s out there, and people are selling by giving some ” it represents the spiritual connection of man and the elements of the world’s demise”, or some BS sales pitch like that, ( hey wait, that was pretty good, I might have to use that).  It’s shit, I said it.  One reason I have respect for Picasso, is not for Cubism, God no, Cubism looked like left overs of a car crash, it’s because he was a brilliant sales man.

which brings me to another great artist I have mucho respect for,….   Elmyr de Hory.

De Hory, -the Hungarian art forger.  Hungarian’s are good hustlers, I know, two of my half brothers I grew up with were Hungarian.  I always slept with one eye open and my wallet close by.  (Oh relax Hungarians, I’m just busting your balls. )

De Hory didn’t copy master pieces, he painted his own work in the style of great masters.  The reason I love this guy, because he is proof that the art world is full of  S-ugar, H-oney, I-ce, T-ea.  He fooled many, not just many joe schmo’s, but rather many so called “experts”.  Curators, Gallery Directors, Dealers, Collectors, alike, he fooled them all into buying his forgeries.  Not buying them for pennies neither.

De Hory was immortalized in the Orson Welles’ film  “F for Fake”, which I highly recommend.  The entire film is basically about how a “Good Story” can sell anything.  He was also the subject of the book ” Fake! the story of Elmyr de Hory, the greatest art forger of our time”, written by Clifford Irving, who he himself was known for forging interviews with Howard Hughes for a “Fake auto-biography of Howard Hughes”.

I don’t believe De Hory was a bad person.  He presented us with the fact that people will believe something to be “true”, even if all facts point otherwise, because they want it to be “True”.



~ by jsesautte on May 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Art is BULL”

  1. well, your question (of self-referentiality) raises in principal with regard to every issue being about truth. in philosophy (since Socrates railed against the sophists), in ethics (all against Bono), in religion (televangelists). so, the question about genuineness, authenticity, truthfulness in world where, mainly, money is needed to satisfy one’s basic needs is not a simple one. :-D

    I share with you the sense of scorn against many art that fits into what may be called aestheticization (aestheticism) or designization (designism) of our lives: shallow conformity with the face of individuality, spirituality, profundity. (it is something I alluded to in my entry on the logic of scandals.)
    anyway, I wouldn’t go so far as you do, and say that “there is a lot of shit out there, because of…” (although I have to admit that this feeling is not foreign to me.)
    let’s take a detour. I’m a huge admirer of Dadaism. they were straight forward against bourgeoisie and intellectualism. thus they wanted to create works that no one would ever understand. but, unfortunately, they turned out to be losers. who is reading them today? the bourgeoisie. and who is filling shelves with bookes about their works? academics. to give another example, there is a German punk band (forgotten their name) who released a CD under a different name by promoting it in claiming they had entered a mainstream sound studio over night. it was announced that this night the CD was recorded. all the punks and leftists and haters of commercialism bought this CD. then, after a while, the band revealed that this was a fake…
    hence, I think to avoid becoming the other side of the coin we need to live in a second naïveté. it seems De Hory managed this… ;-)

  2. I didn’t mean to sound like I was against alot of art forms. I am a big fan of what the modern artists in the early 20th century were trying. Especially the idea of getting rid of classical form and “rules” and being more direct with the relationship between the artist and the art, almost child like art, art in the purest. The unfortunate side to that is, I believe today it gave an excuse for artist and many “so called” artist to be lazy. In other words a lot of individuals don’t need to work hard, and don’t need to really put too much effort into their art, because they use the modern artist’s ideas and of course the old saying “art is in the eye of the beholder” as an excuse. But again, I don’t think all art today is “Shit”, that’s not what I was trying to express. I was mainly focusing on the “art experts”. I forgot to write about a personal experience, in which I met with a gallery curator, some years back. While looking at one of my paintings, she began to tell me that I needed to study anatomy ( which for those who know me, I’ve studied anatomy since I was a child). She then pointed out on the painting, saying the man’s ribs wouldn’t arch out like they did in the painting. The only thing was, that she was pointing to his “Lats” back muscles, which when you work out and have a wide back, and you stretch your arms up, they come out. I smiled at her, thinking ” maybe she should study anatomy”. Point being, I realized that many of the individuals ( not all ) who are suppose to be experts, are full of crap, and much like those who believed in De Hory’s work, they are good at pretending they know what they’re talking about, like you mentioned Socrates, what was his saying? ” I know nothing, but I am wiser than other men, for I know that I know nothing”, I probably mis quoted that. I also have nothing against commercial art, or doing what you have to in order to make money. I’m not a materialistic person, but I’m from a poor family, so believe me, I’d sell out in a second for a good pay check :-)

  3. hehe, nice story with the curator! :-D btw, I didn’t take you as an extremist as it may have – unfortunately – sounded to you. ;-)
    a friend of mine has a similar stance to your’s: modernists should be able to paint realistic, only then he could take their simple stuff seriously. ;-)

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