Dark Arts or Dark World?

I am a great fan of Austrian-Irish, artist Gottfried Helnwein.  Helnwein is a Fine Art Painter, Photographer, and Installation Artist, who’s work is a voyage into the dark side of the world.  Maybe that’s what draws me to his work, I like the dark stuff.  But his work is more about presenting the “suffering”, and “struggle” of humanity’s own darkness.  The rather cruel things one person can do to another seems to be the back bone of his art. He is known for works dealing with wounded children and children surrounded by an almost invisible evil, like war, or terror, that close in on the child’s innocence.  He is also renowned for his art depicting the “un humane” of nazism and the Holocaust, and he’s known for his celebrity portraits, including Marilyn Manson frontman Brian Warner.

I love the subjects of his work, giving enough to present a story, but leaving enough out, for the viewer to create their own story.














































































~ by jsesautte on June 6, 2012.

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