American ME!

Today is the USA’s Independence Day, other wise known as our birthday.  The day we stopped using the Queen’s English and formed our own strange language (for those who don’t know, we really don’t speak good english, I myself speak “Brooklynese”).    The day we stopped drinking pint’s at the pubs, and started just “getting smashed at the bar”.  The day we stopped calling each other “Bloody Wankers”, and started yelling ” F**king ASSHOLES!”  In actuality, most of my ancestors weren’t even here back when the King was given the BOOT, but I am a born American, which is dangerous to say in some parts of the world today.  But Yes, I am a Yankee, no really, born in New York, pinstripes in my blood, Yankee.

Now for all you patriotic, red, white and blue wearing, star spangled banger singing, Americans, put down your flag, this post is not for you.

Truth is, I grew up a rebel.  I hung the flag upside down, I got in trouble in school for not standing and singing the pledge of allegiance.  I blasted “Rage Against the Machine” on my stereo and drew pictures of the “American Indian Movement” idols.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have love for my country, it was that I didn’t have love, nor trust for my government.  It was that I and my family came from ” the other side of the tracks”, where the “American Dream” seemed to be,…well, just that, a Dream.  I’ve seen first hand, how racism conducted much of the lives of Americans.  Growing up, I saw America as a place where politicians and the rich, used working class people to do the dirty work.  For example, sending youngsters over to a jungle or a desert to fight a war that really had no worth, except death, and lot’s of it.  But as of recently I have found pride in America (but still not the government).

To me, America is not a country, or a land mass.  Americans are not a people, nor a nationality.  America is Hope.  This use to be a place where dreams came true.  Where people from all over the world came to escape their often harsh lives someplace else, and start over, with a chance.  From English, German, Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Mexican, Korean, Japanese etc, from Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc, so many journeyed to this place.  A place where a farmer or a mason, could grow a business and become a millionaire.  A place where dreamers with great ambition, worked hard, persevered and achieved what they never could have before.  This is the place where the French once brought us the Statue of Liberty, a standing symbol of freedom and hope to so many eyes.


Today, this isn’t completely gone,  My friends from Macedonia and Serbia, came here to escape poverty and war,  But I see many Americans, especially born Americans forgetting what America once was.  Too many take being born here for granted, and have an attitude like the world owes them, as if they’re great, simply because they’re “American”.  I believe many who are not originally from here are more “American” than many who are.  Too many have forgotten, what sacrifices it took, from so many in the past to be here today. America is not a place on a map, but a place in your heart.   America is an Idea.  An Idea of Hope.  And I “hope” America can get itself together and become that dream again.

So put away your “materialistic” patriotic garments and stickers, and what ever the hell else you got.  And be a true proud American, by working hard, loving your family, and loving life.    Happy Forth of July!

heres a little classic tune from Creedence Clearwater Rivival.  Alot of people think this a patriotic song, but listen and read the lyrics.





~ by jsesautte on July 4, 2012.

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