King Kong falling

What happened to King Kong, he took a nose dive off the Empire State building, and last night Amir “King” Khan took a nose dive onto the canvas.  Why am I smiling, because I’m one of very few who always felt that Amir Khan wasn’t as good of a fighter as so many built him up to be, mostly the HBO commentators.  Yes he’s fast, and that about covers it.  He’s sloppy, undisciplined with his punches, and moves around like he’s hyped up on candy and doing the jitterbug.  He looks good and flashy when he throws his combinations with that hand speed, and like many UK fighters, he tends to be half boxer/half wrestler, although I wouldn’t say he’s as bad as Ricky Hatton was with all the grabbing.


Point is, last night his sloppy style of throwing punches caught up to him, as Danny Garcia clocked him with a good counter.  I noticed several times earlier in the fight, Khan was getting caught with hooks from Garcia, although none of them took the effect as the later to the neck, it was clear to me, Khan could run into trouble.   I also thought that referee Kenny Bayless gave Khan a little too much time after the first knock down.  Khan looked like a stumbling drunk as he wobbled his way back to the ropes.  Bayless seemed to ask Khan if he was okay too many times, but no matter, a round later the fight came to a halt.



Don’t get me wrong, I do think Khan could be a better fighter, but not at the wild card gym.  I have respect for Freddy Roach, but Khan has adapted the “Pacquiao” style – hopping around, throwing fast combos, looking flashing and scoring points, but is not setting down of his punches, not making enough of them count, and leaving himself too open when he’s throwing.  But I certainly can not discount Khan’s heart, he is in no doubt a “FIGHER”.  As for Danny Garcia, he’s not flashy, he’s not fast, theres nothing special about this guy, but he’s a good, all around, patient, fighter.  Good night for the green eyed, light skin, Rican, ( wait a second was I in the ring? I just described myself).  I think both fighters will be back, and back in some good fights.



On one more great moment in boxing last night,  Emanuel Stewart’s comment on Larry Merchant’s talking speed.  Stewart answered a question a little slow, then turned to Jim Lampley and said  “I’m talking slow like Larry Merchant”.  Just a moment to laugh my ass off.


~ by jsesautte on July 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “King Kong falling”

  1. Perfect description of that fight and the two fighters. I totally agree. I was off the couch yelling in triumph when I saw Khan go down like that. Garcia won’t last very long with those belts but it was just a matter of time before someone took them from Khan.
    On Emmanuel Steward’s comment, right on! That was hilarious. Larry Merchant provides no end of entertaining moments. What a great candid moment. Did you see the ESPN Friday Night Fights broadcast where Teddy Atlas went after Joe Cortez for his “fair but firm” mantra?

  2. I didn’t catch Atlas on Cortez, now I wish I had. I don’t think Garcia’s gonna go too far either. He’s a strange fighter though, theres nothing special about him, yet hes “good”, not great all around fighter. By the way thanks for the like on facebook, atleast I believe that’s you, same first name, outta New Orleans.

  3. No problem, very cool page. I love the Connery icon.

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