I’m Tweeting!

This title makes me sound like I’m snorting something.  Any hoo, So as of January I finally got on Facebook, as of February I started this blog, all because friends and family, and every other person, kept insisting I needed to.  They also insisted I join Twitter.  So as of yesterday I did.  I’m not the biggest on all this social networking stuff, but being who I am ( that is to say my personality) I decided I would use twitter to tweet from my studio while painting, -and here’s why.  I ( like many artist) admit am a sometimes “ODD” fella.  You could refer to me as an “Oddist”, instead of “Artist”, and when I paint in my studio, I tend to  well let’s just say drift off into another world.  For me it’s fun, it’s the only way to paint, but to others, well there is a reason a lot of people think I’m on some serious DRUGS.  And maybe I am, who knows.


Point being I will allow my random thoughts to come out live on my tweets,  and hopefully allow followers a little taste of what it’s like in my sometimes off kilter, unpredictable life.  So if you’d like, check me out & follow me,


As I said, I just started yesterday, so there isn’t much of anything on there right now.





~ by jsesautte on July 18, 2012.

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