The Thin Line-

My Uncle passed through yesterday, on his way up to the “Rez” for Sundance season.  We found ourselves in a discussion about the use of Peyote.  Peyote has been used by medicine men for ceremonies  in the U.S. and down into Mexico for centuries, and those generations  of knowledge in regards to the amount to be used is passed down from medicine man to medicine man.  But too often recreational users abuse this drug, as people often do with many things.


I have always believed that in order for an artist to be true and create in freedom, they must return to the childhood imagination that is often lost as we grow into society’s expectations.  We must indulge and dig deep into our own “Fantasy world”.  Some of us have been fortunate enough to be born with this mind set, while other artist often find themselves tangling with drugs to help them along the journey into Fantasy.  But where most people believe I’m joking or exaggerating, is where I WARN, do not play around with the mind.  If you do not have a strong mind to “open doors” shall we say, into this mind set, then don’t FUCK around (sorry, but the point must be made).  Like those who take too much peyote on a “good time”trip, instead of following the knowledge of those who have been taught, Messing into one’s “Fantasy” is Dangerous.  You have to know how to separate reality from fantasy.  I worked with a curator a few years back who told me “I love your work, it’s like if you didn’t create art, you’d be a serial killer.”  My Art is often my fantasy, but I know the two worlds DO NOT collide.  For the record he was slightly joking, since much of my art is dark, I’m not that messed up.

But this brings me to the unfortunate part.  Early this morning, not too far from where I live, at an premiere for the “Dark Knight Rises” film, a “disturbed individual walked into a packed house with smoke bombs and an AK-47 assault rifle, and proceeded to open fire.  He killed 12, and injured over 50, including children.  Not much has been said yet, as to why.  News reporters are saying he believed he was the joker, simply based on the fact he dyed his hair red, but that really does not mean anything, since the joker’s hair was green anyway.  A former FBI profiler stated the individual was deranged and confused realty with his FANTASY.  Whether this person is delusional or not, remains to be unknown, but the fact is many times in society, people lose themselves in some deception of their own accord.  It is, without a joke, a dangerous game to play, when you play with your own mind, just like playing with hard drugs, or sky gliding with wind suits.  Some people know how to do it, others don’t.

With that said, I would like to say how deeply sorry I am for those who lost in this horrible event.  Maybe this post is just a way for me to let a little emotion out.  I, like most, can’t help but wonder why such things happen, especially when it comes to kids being hurt.  My Love to the families of those who were victims of this sick act.



~ by jsesautte on July 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Thin Line-”

  1. concerning your first point: a perfect point I never took into consideration until yet.
    concerning the barbarism: I never know what to say…..

  2. I hear that our rate of Violence, here in America is like 3 times the amount than there in Europe, but just letting you know, we’re not all violent people. Or atleast not all of us are into killing, like it may seem.

  3. don’t believe any statistics you didn’t made up on your own – this is what we are saying here. :-D so don’t worry, if America was a un-heavenly host of violent felons the world would look quite different. in this case I have no prejudices. apart from this we in Germany have our “carcasses in the cellar”.
    however, what irritates me is the handling of guns. once I read an article about how easy it was to get a gun. of course, there are raising some critical voices in the States concerning gun laws. – let’s put it in a more humorous way: whereas you can walk with your bazooka through the streets but get lagged for smooching hardly in the public, in Europe it’s vice versa. :-D

  4. ha, yes we are a little ass backwards with guns and affection. Nudity is a big “no” here, sometimes even in art, even though it’s just a human body. Ah, we’re still living in the inquisition I guess.

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