Drink like a Man!

Well I’m back, not that anyone misses me.  Took a vacation courtesy of the state-haha.  Let’s talk booze.  One thing I don’t care for much, is the sight of a full grown man at  a bar sipping on a drink, that’s been diluted with as much sweets and fruits to bake a damn cake, through a straw.  If you’re gonna drink, then drink like a Man!  A suggestion to start, a little ‘wild turkey 101.  That will put hair on your chest.  This good ol’ Kentucky burbon carries a nice rustic palette.  With a touch of oak to the smell and back kick, It’s the way to end the night, or start the day.   This was how the West was Won.  And none of that ‘On the Rocks crap neither, why don’t you just bring a sippy cup to drink out of.  Last thing I need is watered down Whiskey.  Wild Turkey 101, because it’s an education in Liquor!




~ by jsesautte on February 26, 2013.

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