2014 – statement

new artist statement I’m working on for the new year….


justin sonny eagles


First off, allow me to confess I am a psychopath and a pervert.  Whereas others direct these mind contusions and frustrations in the form of crime and devious pleasures, I have been fortunately blessed with a God given talent to voice my sinful madness – my art.  


People have often asked me, where do I draw my inspiration from, as if every painting is inspired by the same origin.  Inspiration comes from so many places, but I must say much of my work is influenced by my life, my childhood, my experiences and my roots.  I think my work is often simply my fight and struggle with my own demons.  Creating has always been my sanctuary, my escape from reality.


Personally I find a great deal of today’s art boring, which is why I want to generate some excitement and entertainment in my work.  I like the paintings I compose to be mysterious and suspenseful with a pinch of the fetish.  My goal is to create images that incite conversation, arouse questions and evoke the viewer’s imagination.  My paintings require participation of the viewer before being finished.


A lot of my work, people think is ‘dark.  I think of it as being more of a ‘dark comedy.  People tend to view art, the same as they do life, they take it all way too serious.  It is funny to me, that people are inclined to over think everything.


If you ask me, art has to have balls, guts.  My paintings are about expressing my freedom, and challenging the so called ‘civilized culture and unwritten laws.  I can not be afraid of upsetting some people, for if my work is not confronting somebody’s perception, then I have failed as an artist.  Art which presents no risk or fear is not worth creating.


~ by jsesautte on January 1, 2014.

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