Askultura Asking

I’m excited. Waiting in anticipation for a third album release of the band Askultura. A wild bunch mix of punk, ska, reggae, latin infused funkiness, that gets the blood flowing, the heart beating in sonic rhythms, and the soul lightened like a sunset in Miami, where the band hails from. They have spent the past few years forging their voice while touring the states, giving electrifying performances that would make the energizer bunny shit his pants. But this album may prove to be more than just the testimony of their stimulating melody, and may put the swing back into what rock n roll once was…a Party. The album itself will be a ensemble of fantastic musicians from an array of great bands, including Pedrito Erazo of Gogol Bordello, Steve Jackson of The Pietasters, Ryan Eldred of El Dred and Catch 22, Jen “JennyJenJen” Pierre of Askultura og camp, Ryan Bonner of The Duppies, Jack Ruby Jr. of The Toasters, Mikey Classic, of The Goddamn Gallows (and The Lonesome Spur), and Brandon Jenison, of Mustard Plug.

Just one thing, they need our help to make it happen. So pre order the album and receive Askultura merchandise at their kick starter page now. just click the link and check em out, ASKULTURA KICKSTARTER


~ by jsesautte on February 15, 2015.

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    Seeing this group soon!

  2. never got a notification of your comment, sorry bout that, cool & thanks for the reblog

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