Finally the Fight!

Well let’s get down to it. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is finally upon us. First let’s recognize both of these men as tremendously great fighters and two of the best in this generation and clearly in the history of the sport of boxing. This is a fight that is suppose to be Good against Evil, but I don’t pay attention to any of that bullshit. First, don’t always believe what you read or hear, especially in this day and age when any schmuck can write whatever he’d like on his own blog… (hey wait a minute). And second don’t always believe the lavish, loud mouth act of one man, and the quiet, smiling act of another. This is a time where reality tv has blurred the line between acting and real life, after all. But let’s get down to the basics of two men giving us the performance of a lifetime in the ring May 2nd.

Although we have no idea what will happen that night, I believe this will be an intense battle of skill, technique and strategy. So if you only care to watch two men go punch for punch in a battle of wills, then may I suggest you do not waist your $100 on this bout. Because of Mayweather’s brilliance in the ring, Manny cannot and will not be able to just bum rush him with fists a’ flying.

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I see the fight today as I saw it, had it taken place five years ago, with a Mayweather win. Why? Manny is without any doubt a incredible boxer. His foot work throughout the years, combined with his body movement and his ability to throw punches from many and sometimes odd angles, as well as his high action style, has definitely made him worth watching over the past decade. In fact many who pick him to win the upcoming bout, believe it’ll be because of his relentless aggression and accumulative punches. I agree to an extent that if he wins, it will be because he looks more active and the judges give him more rounds. However, let us not forget Floyd is known to slow the output of punches thrown by the usually aggressive opponents. He’s hard to hit, and he’s famous for setting traps, which makes him dangerous and forces opponents to stop and think. While they’re thinking Floyd typically pop shots and looks sharp for judges. So I do believe Manny will not be throwing as much as some are thinking.

Then there’s the defense of Floyd vs the height of Manny. What do I mean by that? Manny is only about an inch shorter than Floyd. Which against other fighters is not a problem, but here it’s different. Floyd fights in his “Shoulder Tuck” defensive style. It’s similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do stance, which often has made me wonder if the Mayweather’s adapted it from there, or possibly an adaptation of the famed Philly shell, regardless… who cares? This style makes it difficult for fighters to get clear punches in, because they tend to be deflected by his shoulder. And for a fighter shorter than him, it’s even harder. Floyd not only tucks his chin behind his shoulder but leans up and back, causing smaller fighters to reach upward. Take a look back and watch when Floyd fought Marquez, who is the same height as Manny. Mayweather looked almost untouchable. The only way is to try over hand wild punches like Marcos Maidana did, but I don’t see Manny doing much of that, since it goes against his style of quick jump in’s with compact punches.

Now there are those who have said that Floyd could be open to Manny’s straight left, being that he’s [Pacquiao] a south paw. I don’t see this as a worry for Floyd neither. Manny would have to throw the left as more wide hook to try and land it. Yes he’s know for throwing at different angles, but again they come in more compact quick combinations, so he can move in and out easier. To throw either over hand or a left hook at the width and angle necessary to get around Mayweather’s defense, he would need to commit more, and that is dangerous. Given Mayweather’s counter punch brilliance and Manny’s infamous last bout with his long time rival Marquez, I doubt he’ll fight that aggressive in this bout.

Don’t get me wrong, Manny has a chance, as I mentioned before, by simply looking more active and keeping Floyd’s punch output down. But I do believe after all the hype building for years now, Floyd will win this match.


~ by jsesautte on April 29, 2015.

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