the Quizzical Funhouse statement

statement to my new collection of paintings “the Quizzical Funhouse”

The Quizzical Funhouse is Madness. The Madness that gives birth to creativity.

Image 4-14-15 at 10.31 PM

1st: It is the Madness of my mind, my life, and my world. Strange, comical, perverse, fun, unpredictable, while sometimes dark and mysterious.

2nd: It is the Madness of the Art World, and what the art world seems to have become. A series of galleries representing decor friendly paintings, which all tend to mimic each other.

and 3rd: It is the Madness of the world and life for all of us. A idea of society in general. Perhaps we all live in the Quizzical Funhouse, we all live in the Madness.

Image 4-14-15 at 10.33 PM

The Madness is disconnected from humanity. Humans tend to try and coordinate everything in society with structure, rules and ethics, but the Madness has No structure, No rules, Nor ethics. The Funhouse isn’t apart of Humanity.  It is like our subconscious, it is the freedom we experience only in our dreams.

The Quizzical Funhouse is Quantum Mechanics. A essential element of physics that follows it’s own laws, rather than the laws of physics.

~ by jsesautte on May 6, 2015.

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