This Saturday Miguel Cotto and Saul Canelo Alvarez will meet in the ring for what we can only hope will be a great showdown under the lights of sin city.  First allow me to say to the wbc, and to the ibf, and wbo and every other of the countless belt organizations now in boxing. Nobody cares about you or your belts anymore.  We wanna watch great fighters fight, plain and simple, and your belts don’t mean anything to the sport anymore.  So my applause to both Mayweather and Cotto for refusing to pay the ridiculous $300,000 sanctioning fee to the wbc to fight for their belt.

Now, I am not writing my prediction of how the fight will play out or who will win.  Number one, I honestly don’t have a clue this time around on neither.  Both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses.  It will be interesting to see if Canelo can take Cotto’s punches to the body, and if Cotto can take Canelo’s punches to the head.  If I were a gambler, I would pass on betting this one.  On top of that I am and have been for a long time a Cotto fan, so for this fight, I’d like to just simply sit back (or on the edge of my couch) & enjoy.  What I do want to write is my defense of Cotto who leading up this bout has continuously been ridiculed for his lack of opposition in his past few fights and reemergence since teaming with trainer Freddie Roach and why I give Cotto a much better chance than most are.

Miguel Cotto v Daniel Geale

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 6: Miguel Cotto (R) punches Daniel Geale during their WBC middleweight world championship fight at the Barclays Center on June 6, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images)

Yes, Rodriguez was a average boxer who showed some skill on late night espn, but was and is no where near a true caliber fighter.  Yes, Martinez was at the end of his career, and his knees were at the end of their dancing days as well.  And Yes, Geale was another average fighter who was sucked into a catch weight.  But Cotto didn’t just defeat these men, he beat the hell outta them.  And might I remind you, prior to these fights, everyone was saying Cotto was the battered fighter at the end of ‘his career.  Both he and Martinez were said to be just about done, put through too many wars and were heading into retirement.  Yet after their fight, the critics quickly portrayed Martinez as the wounded horse and Cotto as a Stallion in his prime, who took advantage.  But the most impressed I have been is in Cotto’s win over Geale.

First I was impressed with Geale when he fought Darren Barker a couple years back.  I wasn’t impressed by his boxing but rather his heart, his toughness.  In that fight Barker landed a good body punch that sent Geale to the canvas, and some how Geale got up and kept fighting, not running, or moving, or grabbing, but throwing punches…good punches at that.  So there was no question that despite his skill level and the catch weight, Geale was one resilient customer.  But Cotto didn’t knockout Geale, nor did the ref stop the fight on his own accord, nor did Geale’s corner stop it.  In the fourth round Geale, after being knocked to the canvas, looked at the ref and shook his head, to say “no more”.  To me the most impressive way to defeat an opponent is by making them quit.  You can beat a fighter physically, you can beat a fighter mentally, but to take away his heart, his will power, his drive, that is impressive, especially against a hard cookie that Geale proved he was.

Now everyone talks about Canelo’s last fights as if he’s been taking on the elite class of opposition.  Ummm, Who?  His last three fights were against Angulo, Lara, and Kirkland.  Angulo and Kirkland are fighters who you could argue were feeling the second hand slowing on their career clocks when heading into the ring with Canelo.  And both had little to no real boxing skill, but were simply straight forward, going for the kill style fighters, and easy targets for Canelo.  And as for Lara, although I had Canelo winning, you could say Lara gave him a close fight.  But Lara is a product of the Cuban amateur program, which has proven time and time again to produce great technical boxers, but who never step on the gas, take it to another level or go for broke when they need to win a pro fight.  I think it’s safe to say both Cotto and Canelo looked impressive against lesser quality of opponents recently.

Canelo Alvarez vs Erislandy Lara

While we all can see clearly the role Freddie Roach has played in Cotto’s corner, since Canelo lost to Mayweather I have not seen much improvement, nor change in Canelo’s game.  After the Mayweather fight Canelo’s trainer Chepo Reynoso made some interesting comments regarding their approach, which after hearing made me question was there a plan B for that fight, at that, was there even a Plan A?  And with that I have to question Chepo as Canelo’s trainer at this point in his career.

After all this, am I saying Cotto will beat Canelo? No.  As I said before, I really don’t know, these are two really good fighters.  What I’m saying is if you are about to put some green down on this bout, I’d really think twice before just listening to what most so called ‘experts have been saying.    This is gonna be a tough fight.  Other than that, I’m gonna make a nice hero along with chips and dip and enjoy the fight regardless of who comes out the winner.  It’s not my head getting knocked around in there after all.

~ by jsesautte on November 20, 2015.

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