Canelo comes up over Cotto

Was it a difference of age? No. A difference of size? Yes. Cotto may have beat average fighters in a larger weight class than he fits, but against a fellow skilled fighter, he was definitely out powered. While Cotto’s punches seemed to have little effect, Canelo’s sounded off with a thunderous pop.  Canelo has finally proven he has more sharp reflexes & boxing technique than I have seen in the past. He is indeed a legitimate champion & future star of the sport. Now I hope to see him and Gennady Golovkin fight one another in a true middle weight bout.  As for Cotto, he didn’t belong in this weight class to begin with, although I thought he had a chance against Canelo, I certainly never saw him fighting Golovkin. However I didn’t see an old man in there tonight, I saw an smaller man in the ring.  So I do think he may fight one or two more good bouts in more of his weight. No matter, these two men gave a hell of fight & both will most likely be forged into boxing history over time. Cotto is leaving , while Canelo has arrived.

~ by jsesautte on November 22, 2015.

2 Responses to “Canelo comes up over Cotto”

  1. I totally agree. It was an accomplishment for Cotto to win a title at 160, but anyone would have beaten Martinez that night. The reports about his skill improving so much were greatly exaggerated. I’m not sure Alvarez can handle a guy like Golovkin though.

  2. yeah Golovkin may be too much, I didn’t realize the size difference between Cotto & Canelo until they were in the ring. I think Khan may even get knocked out by Canelo, its not just his weight but his frame, he’s just a naturally bigger guy. I think Freddie Roach is starting to go a little crazy, talking about he wants Pacquio to fight Canelo, I think Pacquio’s even smaller than Cotto & Khan.

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