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“Ghosts” (Behind the Clownface) 1605 oil on board, 2016

Asa Nisi Masa

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“Asa Nisi Masa” (1604 behind the clownface) oil on board ©Justin Sonny Eagles 

What is Real?

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“What is Real” (Behind the Clownface 1602) oil on board 2016 ©Justin Sonny Eagles


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“Demon” (1606 behind the clownface) oil on board 

What Now?

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“What Now?” (1601 Behind the Clownface) oil on board 

Painting for No sale!

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 I have decided that I will no longer sell my original paintings. How can art be for sale? Can you buy the sunrise? One of the dilemmas with art today is that there is commerce involved. Artists rely on galleries to show their work, in turn the gallery needs to make money to keep it’s doors open, and so it leans on the commission of art sales. Unfortunately this need of revenue for survival has forged a great haste in the composing of art. I have met many artists who are racing to develop new work in order to make the deadline of their next show. The creating of art Cannot and should Never be pushed or forced. Just as one cannot make a truly great bottle of wine or scotch in a day, it requires time and patience. But this business of art has spawned the evolution of painting with no purpose, no depth, and no substance. Paintings of this generation have been reduced to decorative and commercial. The artist today creates quantity, not quality. Art has become a product. Money does not belong in the creative equation. My art, like the sunrise, belongs to no man. My art doesn’t even belong to me, it is for the people. People of all class, of all income, of all color, religion, and nationality. My purpose is to share my art with as many people as possible. And this is why in my heart, I truly believe it is the right decision to stop selling my original paintings.

Who the F*ck is Justin Sonny Eagles

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On Saturday, August 6th, 2016, from 9:30pm to 11:30pm, Justin Sonny Eagles will premiere his newest oil painting collection Behind the Clownface at the Bakery Arts Warehouse, 2132 Market Street, in Denver, Colorado.  Titled Who the F*ck is Justin Sonny Eagles, the event is described as an art party, not an opening or an exhibit.

The paintings engage the audience with the struggle and absurdity of life as an artist; not just his financial struggles but also tackling the balance between the creative process and everyday life.  The collection aims to follow artists (painters, filmmakers, writers, actors, musicians) as they submerge themselves in their work, often breaking lucidity and straining relationships with loved ones.  Eagles adopted an idea similar to method acting in order to bring authenticity to these new paintings.

“If brushwork gives a painting it’s character, and brushwork is a reflection of the artist himself and their state of being, then my theory is that the artist needs to be in the same emotional state as the story of the painting.” For extended periods Eagles slept two-three hours a night and ate minimally in order to open the doors to a dream-like state…and then began painting. One could say in order to tell the visual story desired in Behind the Clownface the artist took every step to crack his own sanity.

Guests of the premiere party are welcomed with an almond martini, some of Eagles’ infamous homemade cookies, and selected tapas,—all made from quality ingredients.  Prints of Eagles’ paintings will be available, but the evening will mark the first since Eagles has officially stopped the sale of his original artworks.  “Art is an extension of the artist, not a product.  I do not want my paintings to be bought just to hang in a private collection only for the eyes of a select few.  I hope for everyone to have an opportunity to see my work in person.”